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julia christy
25-08-19 11:39:27
more alright let's go hang out with tawny all right folks tarney prey zach is a Laguna Beach California based holistic coach and host of endurance planet a podcast focus on endurance sports we're going to hit on a lot of things that I don't usually get to talk about on this show Tonya I'm so glad you're here I'm glad too it's kind of surreal to be seeing your face right now because I'm so used to listening to your show and hearing you talk to all your great people that you have on and it's an honor to be one of those people now No thank you well it's awesome to have you here you've definitely earned your stripes I think at this point oh well thank you and it's so again it's also funny to be like on the other side of things cuz usually I'm in your shoes right now you know with my like list of things that I'm gonna ask and did it uh so I always .

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24-08-19 19:07:09
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SkinGenix Lanny Rickel
24-08-19 12:31:44

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24-08-19 10:45:38
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senfrensi senfrensi
24-08-19 10:25:57

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